Erasmus Mundus

The European Union recognizes value of the higher education for economic and social development. The higher education plays a key role in preparation of highly qualified specialists.
The Erasmus Mundus project is created for strengthening of communications in the field of the higher education through an exchange of students, teachers and the academic workers of the countries of the European Union and Third World countries.
Selection criteria:

  • participants have to be citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan and know training language.
  • participants have to be students (a bachelor degree, a magistracy, doctoral studies) or the academic workers of one of partner universities in Kazakhstan. Students of a bachelor degree have to finish the 1st course at least.
  • participants have to be students of university (a magistracy, doctoral studies), not entering into number of partner universities or graduates of any RK university.

Financial conditions: To the participants who have passed selection, the grant covers all expenses.

For more information, please visit:

: Erasmus Mundus