“InEU team”

Our team was created in December 27, 2008, when it at first time appeared on the stage at the concert hall of PSU at Pavlodar Cup universities and in a humorous battle with PSU and PSPI where we took the 3rd place. It was the first debut on the big stage!

The next stage in our skills development to joke was a 16 Regional Festival KVN League Irtysh, last February 1, 2009, where our team plucked victory in the "Great Start" and proudly hosted the seasonal Regional League Irtysh. And it goes on!
Where we just did not play: the Summer Cup, the Winter Cup, Funny video festival, " Fool’s Cup!" Who has not been our rival for all time: Lingua - Karaganda, TriKo-Ust-Kamenogorsk, the team PSPI - Pavlodar, Polygon- Ust-Kamenogorsk, Semipalatinsk - "The team of George Clooney" and Zhelezenka’s team and even a team of Engineering Academy of InEU "Inzhey "!

In the quarter of final, in April 2009, after four difficult competitions InEU team took a well deserved 1st place, which caused wild fans rejoicing and secured a green light to the semifinals. And in October, in the semifinals in a fierce battle, we took the third-place, but it is clear we are not favored by gods of humor then, and in the desired final we have not passed.

But at the Cup of universities in November 2009 after three contests, our team was second, behind PSU team just a few tenths of points! All paid off in the Winter Cup in January, when we won brilliantly in the "Musical Freestyle."
On the 17th regional festival in 2010 the team was lucky: we were taken back in the season! And on the 1st April we got luck again - a victory in the biathlon competition at the "Fool's Cup." May quarter final ended with the 5th spot for us, but by the decision of the organizing committee we are not looking at that still got to the semi-final!

We immediately fell short of the trust, and in October the semifinal reached the 4th place, and at the November Cup universities was up to the 3rd!

The 18th Regional Festival KVN League Irtysh, held on the 7th February this year, had also allowed us to show ourselves in all our glory. At this time in our team 4 people! So, short of them!

At this photo, the team captain is of "Team InEU" Timofey Ognev (right) and the Sergei Deryuga (left). This is the "engine of our team!" They are the duo of the third course of Metallurgy group of the Engineering Academy.

At this photo Marat Temirkhanov is, electric power engineer with a capital letter! He is also a student of the 3rd course. The only girl in our team is Julia Petelina. She studies for the journalist on the second course.

In our team played: Alexander Kalyuga, Svetlana Bedrina, Madina Zhakieva, Eugenie Mihalichenko, Lyudmila Turk, Svetlana Tsymbal, Ilyas Akhmarov. But unfortunately they left the ranks of our team. And fortunately, some individuals may return to the game team back!

The team is constantly looking for creativity, it is full of big plans and shines inexhaustible wit, that the fans and all lovers of good humor to enjoy at the next game.

Every year we recruit talents to our team! So if you want to play KVN, present our university on the stage, if you can sing well and you have some other talents, come to us!