Take part in the competition of young scientists in the format of the international competition FameLab.

“On December 7, at 19.00 (Astana time), a webinar will be held on the process of applying for the FameLab contest! Participants of the webinar will learn:

- more about the FameLabInternational competition
- how to fill out an application
- what awaits the finalists and winners of the competition.

Link to the webinar: https://zoom.us/j/334864148


The application deadline for the contest has been extended until January 11, 2019.

The link to the video is https://youtu.be/pd_2-4X71Lk.

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For students of the 3rd and 4th year of economics specialties, on December 6, at 2:20 pm, building number 3, audience 309 will be held a binary lesson within the discipline “Financial control and audit” by representatives of the Revision Commission of Pavlodar region.

The topic of the lecture: “Audit of obligations and capital”.

We invite everyone!

Department of "Economics and Management"

Press service of InEU


invites you to the training

"Strategic Management"

Aim: Learn the basics of strategic management of the company.


Training is recommended for managers and top managers of companies.

Learning objective:

  • Realize the role of strategic management in achieving success;
  • Explore different approaches to strategic management;


  • Get acquainted with the methods and tools of strategic management and planning;


  • learn to set strategic goals in the company.
  • tasks that strategic management solves;
  • strategic scale and cost of strategic error;
  • strategic plan formats;


 In the training program: 

Business Coach - Sergey Filin    

(DBA, МВА, Candidate of pedagogic sciences, doctor)

Dates: December 8-09, 2018 (Saturday - Sunday)

Course duration - 15 academic hours

Upon completion of the course certificate is issued

st. M. Gorky 102/4, office 118 (Center "Business Profi")

tel. + 7 701 759 93 42 (Narynbaeva Aina Serikovna)

tel. +7 701 918 40 06

The regional branch "Congress of Kazakhstan Youth Pavlodar region" with the support of the Office for Youth Policy of Pavlodar region conducts creative competition "Hello, student!" among students of universities and technical and vocational education.

Goals and objectives of the competition:
-    disclosure and implementation of creative abilities and talents of students of schools, students;
-    search for new talents and the formation of a database for participation in regional, republican competitions;
-    enhance the performance skills of bands and performers.

Time and place: the creative competition will take place on December 7, 2018 at 10: 00 in the assembly hall of the Innovation University of Eurasia at Lomov 45.



Creative groups or individual performers can become participants of the competition.

An application for participation with full information about the participant and his concert program is submitted to the organizing committee of the creative competition.

Applications are accepted by email address  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. until November 30, 2018.


The performances are divided into the following categories:

- individual;

- group;

Genres and nominations:
а) «Vocal skill»

- pop vocal, folk vocal
solo singing;
- duet;
- vocal ensemble;
- author or bard song;
- rock bands and vocal-instrumental ensemble

б) «Dance art» (solo and groups):

- modern choreography (break dance, jazz-modern, free plastic);
- pop choreography (rock and roll, shows, stage stylization);
- folk stage choreography;
- classical choreography.

в) original genre:

- humor, speech and musical parodies;
- pantomime; 
circus, training, acrobatics, gymnastics, power sports;
fashion theater, rollerblading, cycling and other stunts.

г) «Poetic word»:

- artistic word (poetry, prose)

Terms of participation in the competition:

In any nomination only one product is presented with a length of up to 5 minutes.
Vocals - only "live" sound (phonogram "minus"). Each performer is granted the right to use the equipment of the organizers of the creative competition.

Winner's reward ceremony:
- all participants, soloists and groups are awarded letters of thanks for participating in a creative contest;
- the winners of the creative contest receive a laureate diploma and prizes.

Help by phone8708 493 65 88

Press service of InEU

Regional debate tournament "Kazakhstan - an oasis of culture, science and intellectual competition of the 21st century"

On November 30, 2018, at 10 am, the Regional Debate Tournament "Kazakhstan - an oasis of culture, science and intellectual competition of the 21st century" will be held in the large conference hall of the Innovative Eurasian University.

The purpose of the Regional Debate Tournament "Kazakhstan - an oasis of culture, science and intellectual competition of the 21st century": the promotion and development of the competitiveness of Kazakhstan in the modernization of public consciousness, the promotion of debate movement among young people.

Venue: Pavlodar, Lomov 45, Big Conference Hall of the Innovative University of Eurasia (main building), 1st floor.

Beginning: November 30, 2018, registration of participants at 9:30.

For more information, please call: 673052, extension number: 243

Email address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Dear readers!

On November 29 The Scientific Library is closed on the sanitary day.

Please hand over or extend the book in advance. If you urgently need information about the availability of literature, you can use the AWS “Reader”, which is installed on all computers of the university or use WEBIrbis in your personal account.

We apologize for any inconvenience.


                                                                                Scientific Library of InEU

Press service of InEU

Attention, students!

On December 6, a binary lesson will be held with students of the Life Safety and Environmental Protection - 302, 402, 202; Ecology-302, 402, 202 groups.

Theme: "The problem of recycling, isolation and disposal of hazardous waste."

The lesson will be conducted by the Head of the Environmental Protection Department of "Aluminum of Kazakhstan" JSC.

Venue: H-1, Room 211, Time 9:00

Attention, students!

On December 7, a binary lesson will be held with students of the Life Safety and Environmental Protection - 302, 402, 202; Ecology-302, 402, 202 groups.

Theme: "The introduction of the principles of "Green Economy" by industrial enterprises in the region"

The lesson will be conducted by the chief state environmental inspector for the Pavlodar region Zh.G. Karimov.

Venue: H-1, Room 211, Time 9:00

Video contest for students of InEU and VKINEU “Ruhani zhangyru - ZHELGYN BOLASHAKA bіrіnshі Kadam”

Video works sent to the competition can be devoted to one of the six special projects of the “Rouhani zagyru” program or to all projects in one video.

1. "Phased transition of the Kazakh language to the Latin script"
2. “New humanitarian knowledge of 100 new textbooks in the Kazakh language”
3. "Tugan Zher"
4. "Sacred Geography of Kazakhstan"
5. "Modern Kazakhstan culture in the global world"
6. “100 new faces of Kazakhstan”


The sent video is selected by the competitive commission.

Send videos by December 7, 2018 to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with the author's name, group name and place of study (University or College of InEU)
It is forbidden to borrow finished work on the Internet.
It is forbidden to send spam.
The video must be a contestant.
The video should be shot in good quality.
Video Requirement:
DVD Video Format MPEG4
Min. Video resolution: 720: 480 (12x8cm)
The duration of the video from 2 to 5 minutes.
Videos should be decorated with an information screen with the name of the author.
The participants themselves choose the genre of the video (report, interview, clip, etc.)


Summing up December 14, 2018.

Winners are awarded with a certificate and prizes.

Department of youth, social initiatives and vocational guidance of InEU

Press-Service of InEU


 "The Association of Environmental Organizations of Kazakhstan" ALE announces the start of accepting applications for participation in the contest Leader of ecology and green economy "among organizations and citizens supporting environmental initiatives, as well as implementing projects related to the use of" green technologies ".

The purpose of the competition: to attract the attention of government agencies, businesses and the public to solving problems of nature conservation, ecology and the preservation of climate balance.

The winners will be awarded as part of the First Environmental Forum in November 2018 in Astana.

The jury, composed of experts in the field of ecology, green economy and sustainable development, will select 3 winners in each of the 7 nominations announced:

  • - Eco Akimat,
    - Eco entrepreneur
    - Eco production,
    - Eco NGO,
    - Eco institution (schools, hospitals, etc.),
    - Eco personality
    - Eco volunteer.

Applications for participation in the competition are accepted until November 20, 2018 on the site www.aeok.kz

Association of legal entities
"Association of Environmental Organizations of Kazakhstan",

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