2018 year

  • Innovative University of Eurasia (InEU) has become the only private university in Kazakhstan, included in the QS rating of universities in Central Europe and Central Asia. 
  • An independent accreditation and rating agency (IAAR) has identified the best universities in Kazakhstan. InEU is the only university from Pavlodar in the top twenty! The General Rating of Kazakhstan - 2018 includes 58 universities, of which 6 are national, 21 state, 7 joint-stock and 24 private educational organizations.

2017 year 

  • Innovative University of Eurasia received the prestigious title “Leader of the Year 2017” based on the results of a comprehensive independent analysis of the National Business Rating. By decision of the Accreditation Council of the Independent Agency for Accreditation and Rating (NAAR), 11 educational programs in three clusters of the Innovative University of Eurasia are successfully accredited.

2016 year

  • InEU has 53 undergraduate specialties, 24 magistracies, including a new one - law, and two doctoral specialties. 
  • Master of Business Administration (MBA) is also under preparation. All undergraduates are required international internship. 
  • Free education in China is available for students who learning Chinese.
  • Last academic year, 142 teachers and students took advantage of academic mobility programs, and this year already 178 people.  
  • This year InEU is the only one among private universities in Kazakhstan to enter the top 200 and received a sign of excellence two stars in the ranking of universities in the QS World University Rankings.


2014 year

2013 year

  • General ranking of Kazakhstan multiprofile institutions was published by the Independent Quality Assurance Agency of Kazakhstan. InEU is the first and the only private university which is among the top ten : the 8th place in general ranking of RK institutions including national universities.

2011 year

  • National specialty ranking was published by Center of National accreditation: 4 specialties of InEU are in the top three among the universities of Kazakhstan.

2010 year

  • National specialty ranking was published by Center of National accreditation: 5 specialties of InEU are in the top three among the universities of Kazakhstan, and 2 of them have taken the first positions.
  • InEU entered Magna Carta of Europe, Bologna, Italy institutions.
  • According to the results of the 2010 Web of World University, composed by Cybermetrics Lab, the largest research center in Spain, university site is in the top ten of the websites of high schools of the Republic of Kazakhstan

2009 year

  • The accreditation of educational programs of the Association of American Universities. Certificate KZ 0001

2007 year

  • General ranking of 60 leading universities of Kazakhstan was published by Center of National accreditation: InEU is the first private university which is in the top ten, the 6th place in general ranking of RK institutions
  • The best indicators of students' knowledge in the region as a result of checking the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan 2008-2013.

The Innovative University of Eurasia is an owner of scholarships of the European Union as follows:

  • International Educational Project TEMPUS (jointly with the Al Farabi Kazakh National University) ERAMIS – “Computer science as the second competence” partners from EU: universities of France, Germany, Spain, Finland and Poland;
  • International Educational Project TEMPUS TASIS “Environmental protection through the development and application of sustainable agricultural technologies”, partners from EU: universities of Finland, Poland, Italy, Portugal;
  • International Education Project ERASMUS MUNDUS for the development of academic mobility in Central Asia, partners from EU: universities of Poland, Austria, Germany, Greece, Italy, Portugal and Sweden.
  • Finalist of the international student program ENACTUS (2013).

  • Member of the Magna Carta of European universities, September 2010.
  • organizer of “Open Corporate University” Consortium, which unites universities and enterprises of Kazakhstan, Russia in order to develop economic, scientific and technological progress, higher education, as well as to create training and production centers on the basis of enterprises (since 2012).
  • Scientific Library is a member of the Association of libraries of universities of Kazakhstan and a member of the Information Consortium of Libraries of Kazakhstan.
  • Member of the association of legal entities acting as Kazakh-German Association of Entrepreneurs.
  • CAMAN (Central Asian Foundation for Management Development) member. The decision of CAMAN Council dated 20 November 1997.

  • InUE is the only university in the Republic of Kazakhstan organizing training of specialists under "Master of Business Administration" (MBA) program. The first graduation of top managers was in 2011.
  • For the first time in Kazakhstan the first graduation of masters in the field of renewable energy was conducted by the Innovative University of Eurasia in 2010 with the support of the European Union TEMPUS program.
  • Within the framework of realization of the Kazakh-German project, entrepreneurs training is carried out by InUE jointly with the University “Turan-Profi” (Astana city) with subsequent internship at enterprises of Germany, since 2008.
  • InUE provides restraining of the academic staff and improving their skills under “Bolashak” International presidential program.

Bachelors Programs offering collaborative methods:

  • With Hochschule Neubrandenburg (Germany) under the support of DAAD on the specialties of “Economics”, “Biotechnology”, “Technology of food products”( since 2008);
  • With the universities of Omsk, Tyumen, Tomsk on the specialties of “Chemistry of Organic Substances”, “Management”, “Translation Studies”, “Chemicals” (since 2009);
  • With Anshan Normal University, China (since 2010);
  • With Lublin School of Administration and Business, Poland, (since 2011);
  • With Polytechnic University of Lublin, Poland (since 2011);
  • As well as the world leading universities such as: Technological University of Athens (Greece), University of Porto (Portugal), Novosibirsk State University (Russia) and others in the framework of agreements on cooperation in science and education.

  • The University has gained unique experience in TEMPUS international programs on alternative energy sources. In the frame of international project, supported by the European Union, the University set up a laboratory of renewable energy, which doesn’t have analogues in Kazakhstan and other CIS countries.
  • By decision of the JSC "National Agency for Technological Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan" a regional office of technology commercialization on the basis of Innovative University of Eurasia was established, July 25, 2012.
  • InEU scientists participated in the First National Science and Technology foresight of the Republic of Kazakhstan for the period up to 2020 and participate in the project of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan on national forecasting of science and technology development for the period up to 2030.