"Pedagogy and social and humanitarian disciplines" Department


Development strategy:

  1. Introduction of innovative educational technologies in the process of training in physical culture 
  2. Formation of intercultural competence within the framework of trilingualism
  3. Optimization of students' activity within the dual system of education
  4. Improving the system of training in specialties within the framework of professional mobility and adaptation to the requirements of the labor market

Sergeevna Valeria Viktorovna
Head of the Department, Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences
Тel.: 8 (7182) 31-42-78, 31-42-38 (ext. 136, 130)
Аddress: Pavlodar, М.Gorky st., 102/4, building №4, office №414
E-mail:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Sergeeva Valeria Viktorovna – Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Head of the «Pedagogy and Sport» Department of the Innovative University of Eurasia.

  • In 1991 graduated from the Karaganda Pedagogical Institute with a degree in pedagogy and psychology.
  • Started her career as a practical psychologist at Pavlodar Medical College, then worked in secondary school № 21 in Pavlodar.
  • In January 2005 she defended her candidate's dissertation on "Formation of educational potential of future teachers at the University".
  • In may 2018 she defended her doctoral dissertation on "Scientific and pedagogical bases of formation of Patriotic culture of future teachers at the University".
  • From 2000 to 2005 she was a senior lecturer at the Department of psychology and pedagogy of S. Toraigyrov PSU, from 2005-associate Professor of the same university.
  • From 2007 to 2010 head of the Department of defectology of PSPI.
  • From 2013 to 2014 head of the Department of physical culture and sports of InEU.
  • From 2014 to the present head of the Department of pedagogy and sports of InEU.
  • Master of sports of the USSR in diving.

Subjects taught:

  • Methods of teaching pedagogical disciplines
  • Pedagogical excellence
  • Ethno-pedagogy
  • Ethno-psychology
  • Psychology
  • Pedagogy
  • Methods of teaching psychological disciplines
  • Communicative culture of an educational institution manager
  • Media-pedagogy in high school

Membership in professional organizations

  • since 2010, a member of the international Academy of Sciences of pedagogical education

Honors and awards 

  • 2016 - Diploma of the Minister of Education for contribution to education and development of Kazakhstan in the field of the spiritual and social sphere
  • 2017- letter of gratitude for the contribution to the development of sports of Kazakhstan


  • Has more than 90 scientific works (2 monographs, 10 teaching aids, 4 scientific articles, copyright certificates for intellectual property rights)


  • In 1998, the University created a temporary staff, whose head was Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, associate Professor Omarova V.K., in 1999, was organized the Department of "Pedagogy and psychology" under her own leadership. During the development of the University were reorganizations, during which there was a division into separate departments of "Pedagogy" (head of Department, Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences Machnew N.F., Osipova S.V.) and "Psychology" (head of Department, Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences Satinskaya A. K.) and merging back into one Department of "Pedagogy and psychology" (head of Department Rossinsky Y.A.).
  • In 2012, specialty 5B010300 Pedagogy and psychology has successfully passed the international accreditation and in 2014 was accredited by the Independent Kazakhstan Agency for Quality Assurance in education (IQAA).
  • Since 2002, the Department of "Pedagogy and psychology" is preparing masters in 6M010300 Pedagogy and psychology, which on the basis of modernization of the University in 2014 was transformed into the School of "Pedagogy and sport", and in 2017- in the Department of "Pedagogy and sport" under the leadership of Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences Sergeeva V.V.

5В010800 «Physical education and sport»

  • Athletic gymnastics
  • Basketball with the methods of teaching
  • Volleyball with the methods of teaching
  • Gymnastics with the methods of teaching
  • Children and youth sports
  • Winter sports with the methods of teaching
  • Athletics with the methods of teaching
  • Skiing with the methods of teaching
  • Methods of investigation of functional state in physical culture and sport
  • Research work in physical culture and sport
  • National sport
  • Health fitness
  • Basics of aerobics
  • Basics of powerlifting
  • Basics of sports training and coaching
  • Pedagogy and psychology of physical culture and sports management in physical culture and sports of the highest sports skill
  • Swimming with the methods of teaching
  • Outdoor games with the methods of teaching
  • Workshop on the organization of mass health work of schoolchildren
  • Workshop on sports and pedagogical diagnostics
  • Sports medicine
  • Sports Metrology
  • Sports morphology
  • Sports and tourism industry
  • Stretching and Pilates
  • Theory and methods of fitness
  • Tourist and recreational resources
  • Physiology of sports of the highest skill
  • Fitness yoga
  • Economy of regional tourism

5В010300 «Pedagogy and psychology»

  • Age pedagogy
  • Educational work in children's health camp
  • Educational work in organizations of additional education
  • Deviantology
  • Differential psychology
  • History of pedagogy
  • History of psychology
  • Individual counseling
  • The concept of psychology
  • Correctional pedagogy
  • Methods of scientific and pedagogical research
  • General psychology
  • Organization of youth leisure activities
  • Fundamentals of counseling crisis states of personality
  • Basics of psychological counseling
  • Social protection framework
  • Basics of training work
  • Pedagogy of professional education
  • Pedagogy of creative self-development
  • Educational psychology
  • Pedagogical basics of the game
  • Pedagogical management
  • Pedagogical management
  • Pedagogical excellence
  • Promising school technologies
  • Practical psycho-technologies
  • Psychological aspects of educational activity
  • Personality psychology
  • Psychological and pedagogical diagnostics of personality
  • Psychological and pedagogical bases of work with gifted children
  • Developing training
  • Development of creative individuality
  • Modern pedagogical technologies
  • Modern educational technologies
  • Social pedagogy
  • Social pedagogy
  • Social psychology
  • Social psychology
  • Sociology of deviant behavior
  • Theory of personality
  • Technology of personality-oriented education
  • Experimental psychology
  • Ethno-psychology

5В050300 «Psychology»

  • Health-saving technologies
  • Zoo-psychology
  • Literary editing of sports text
  • Mediation
  • Motivational training
  • Practicum on psychological work in sports teams and sports institutions
  • Practicum on sports television and radio journalism
  • Practicum on experimental psychology and psychodiagnostics
  • Practicum of specialization 3: Family therapy
  • Practicum of specialization 4: formation and development of family values
  • Practicum of specialization 5: team building
  • Practicum of specialization 6: formation of the stability of the individual in a situation of stress and extreme sports
  • Practicum of specialization 1: Psychological and pedagogical support of children left without parental care
  • Practicum of specialization 2: Formation of personal qualities of the child
  • Psychological construction
  • Psychological support of gifted children
  • Psychology of crisis
  • Psychology of family relations
  • Psychology of sports journalism
  • Psychology of abilities
  • Psychology of work
  • Psychology of emotions
  • Fairy tale therapy
  • Social and psychological adaptation
  • Special psychology course
  • Ethno-psychology
  • Legal psychology

6М010300 «Pedagogy and psychology» master's degree

  • History, state, tendencies of modern psychology
  • Conceptual aspects of psychotherapy
  • Crisis psychology course
  • Methods of teaching pedagogical disciplines at the University
  • Methods of teaching psychological disciplines at the University
  • Methodological basis of distance learning system in Kazakhstan
  • Methodology and methods of psychological and pedagogical training of future specialists for professional activity
  • The methodology of scientific research
  • Psychology of conflict and conflict management
  • Psychology of stress
  • Modern aspects of psychological counseling
  • Theory and practice of psychological experiment

5В020300 «History»

  • The newest history of Kazakhstan
  • Agrarian-colonial policy of Tsarism
  • The modern history of Europe and America
  • New history of Kazakhstan
  • Historiography and source study of the history of Kazakhstan
  • Historical Local History
  • Archeology and Ethnology
  • History of Asia and Africa in the Middle Ages
  • New and recent history of East and West
  • History of ancient Kazakhstan
  • Ancient world history
  • Ancient world history
  • Ancient history of Kazakhstan
  • Medieval history of Kazakhstan
  • History of primitive society
  • Auxiliary historical disciplines

  1. Sergeeva Valeria Viktorovna, Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Head of Department
  2. Satinskaya Aisulu Kabdylmazhitovna, Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, AssociateProfessor
  3. Perepichk Natalia Zinov'evna,Candidate of Medical Sciences, Associate Professor
  4. Gorodnicheva Nadezhda Yakovlevna, Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Associate Professor
  5. Slepchenko Galina Vasilievna, Candidate of Biology Sciences, Associate Professor
  6. Semenova Larisa Aleksandrovna, Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Associate Professor
  7. Tusupbekova Gulnar Toleukenovna - Candidate of Biology Sciences, Associate Professor of HAC
  8. Racklova Ekaterina Mikhailovna, Candidate of Psychology Sciences, Associate Professor
  9. Kravtsova Tat'yana Maratovna, Candidate of Psychology Sciences, Associate Professor
  10. Shakarmanova Maizhan Pshembaeva, Master of Pedagogy, Senior Lecturer
  11. Chernyshova Olga Vladimirovna, Master of Pedagogy, Senior Lecturer
  12. Butenova Karagoz Salimovna, Master of Pedagogy, Senior Lecturer
  13. Ramazanova Nazgul Kudaibergenova, Master of Pedagogy, Senior Lecturer
  14. Okatyenko Ksenia Valerievna, Master of Pedagogy and Psychology, lecturer, World Champion, Master of Sports of International class
  15. Suleimenova Gulmira Amangalievna,Master of Pedagogy, Senior Lecturer
  16. Kozlova Olga Sergeevna, lecturer, Master of Sports of the Republic of Kazakhstan
  17. Asylkhanova Gulnar Zhanabekovna, Doctor of Social Sciences, Professor
  18. Syzdykova Dametay Temerbolatovna, Candidate of Philosophy Sciences, Professor
  19. Rahmatulla Bulat Shiyapuly, Candidate of History Sciences, Professor
  20. Suleimenov Murat Alibaevich, Candidate of History Sciences, Professor
  21. Ruditsa Natalya Borisovna, Candidate of Social Sciences, Professor
  22. Yermanov Askar Zhumanazarovich, Candidate of History, Associate Professor
  23. Alnazarova Gulmira Zhanabekovna, Master of Philosophy, Senior Lecturer
  24. Tashimova Aisulu Toleuvna, Master of Pedagogy, Senior Lecturer
  25. Musalimova Bayangul Temirbolatovna, Master of Sociology, Senior Lecturer